Scrubbing Made Easy: Best Soap Scum Removers

I enjoy a hot, long bath as much as the next person. It can really decrease my stress levels. Sometimes I add some minerals, and when I get out, I feel like an invertebrate. It’s one of life’s pleasures. What I hate, though, is the soap scum that gets left behind once I drain the tub. And I have to admit that most of the time I feel too tired to scrub it off right away. Usually, I just throw myself on the bed, and off I go to dreamland. Meanwhile, the scum hardens.

The same thing happens to my sink. My soap leaves all these nasty trails that I simply hate scrubbing. Actually, if you think about it, soap scum is everywhere. Think about your house. It’s in the shower, in the sink, and in the bathtub. Lucky for us, there is such a thing as a soap scum remover. Without it, we would be confined to our bathrooms for a very long time whenever we have to clean them.

The advantages of using a soap scum cleaner instead of regular cleaning solutions

I am not saying that regular cleaning solutions don’t work because most of them do. However, they are not as efficient as a liquid that was specially made to remove soap scum. You wouldn’t wash your dishes with laundry detergent, would you? It would work, but there is dish soap, so you don’t have to. 

  • It’s more efficient than a general cleaning solution. When you use a general cleaning solution, the solvents in it are not meant to help you with a particular problem. As it happens, each cleaning solution is made to dissolve a specific kind of filth. For example, there are liquids designed to dissolve grease; some are made to clean windows, and so on. Each with its own scum. Changing its purpose won’t do much good. It’s the same with soap scum. Not all cleaning solutions can help you remove it. But if you use a solution that was specially designed to eliminate soap scum, the story changes, and you will be able to remove all that filth a lot easier.
  • It will lower the amount of time spent scrubbing. Given the fact that a soap scum remover is a special mix of certain solvents, the filth will dissolve a lot faster, so you don’t have to scrub as much as you would with a regular cleaning solution. It’s enough to spray it on the affected area and then use a sponge or whatever you want to scrub it off.
  • You don’t have to let the scum soak before scrubbing. The solvents in a soap scum remover are meant to have an immediate effect. You don’t have to wait a while for the filth to break down. Just apply the solution and then wipe it all off.
  • You don’t have to use chemicals that hurt you. People tend to use bleach in order to get rid of the soap scum in their bathroom. It will eventually come off, but a significant amount of bleach is not so healthy. It’s recommended that you use a mask to cover your mouth and nose so you wouldn’t inhale it. But if there is a harmless solution, why hurt yourself with bleach? It just doesn’t make sense. Even cleaning products progress and manufacturers tend to make their solutions more efficient, but a lot harmless at the same time.

What to look for in the best soap scum remover?

Just like any house owner, I bet you tried a lot of products before you actually found one that works. That applies to everybody. It takes a while to find that one product that will do the job properly. But you find it eventually. However, there are a few things that you should look for when you want to find that particular product that will do a good job in a short amount of time.

  • Strong effect – you need a product that will remove everything and leave a clean, shiny trail behind. But without pre-soaking or too much scrubbing required. Otherwise, it’s just a regular cleaning solution.
  • It needs to help you get rid of the yellow stains – I assume you know what I am talking about. Besides the soap scum, there are yellow spots that are sometimes left behind, even with the scrubbing. The yellow thing is, in most cases, chalk, which needs another chemical to get it removed. So what you need is a combination of the two solutions, one for the scum and one for the chalk.
  • It shouldn’t contain harmful chemicals – that is the goal, isn’t it? To get rid of toxic chemicals? What is the point in another toxic cleaning solution when you have bleach, for example? And let’s not forget that some people have adverse reactions to harmful chemicals, and I don’t mean skin reactions, but severe respiratory problems.
  • A lovely fragrance would be nice – there are a few things that I hate as much as entering the bathroom only to be welcomed by a strong smell of chemicals. I would let the windows open for a while, but I prefer sensing a lemon smell instead.
  • Go for a multi-purpose cleaning solution – people love the versatile feature. I do too. It’s a lot more convenient to have just one bottle of cleaning solution than one for every problem. You shouldn’t have to fill an entire cabinet with cleaning solutions. One or two should be enough. So if you find a multi-purpose cleaning solution that can also remove soap scum, that would be great.
  • Last, but not least, go for the product that has the best reviews. Online soap scum remover reviews are the best way to know if a particular product is any good or not. People always tend to complain if a product doesn’t work, so if you find bad reviews, it usually means that a certain product is useless and you should not give it a try.

What is the best soap scum remover?

Soap scum removers are not like any other products when it comes to efficiency. Soap scum is the same everywhere. Chalk is the same everywhere. So when it comes to this kind of product, a brand simply works or not. It’s not a matter of taste or preference. We’re talking about efficiency, and that’s it. Here are a few very good suggestions.

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover

I must admit that I found a ton of good reviews on this one. People seem to be very content with its results, which is why I thought I should recommend it. It has industrial strength, which means that it will dissolve virtually anything. Soap scum doesn’t stand a chance. But it’s also multi-purpose. It can also clean up grime. That makes it ideal for cleaning shower doors, yellow-stained textured acrylic bathtubs, dull chrome fixtures, sinks, and even car wheel rims. They will all look as good as new after the Bucko is done with them.

The smell is pleasant and harmless. It has a light scent of lemon. There is no bleach, no acid, or other harsh chemicals. You don’t have to worry that it’s toxic, and is septic system safe. Scrubbing becomes a distant memory with Bucko. Most scum will be easy to remove. All you have to do is spray and then wipe it all off. The item you are cleaning will be left clean and shiny. It even has a protective effect that you will notice the next time you use the shower, bathtub, or sink.

Apparently, Bucko has proven its worth with most meticulous cleaners, professional cleaning companies, and, of course, housewives. As I said before, a lot of people are satisfied with the product. Mainly because you can use this on virtually anything, not only in the bathroom. You can clean tile, grout, fiberglass, chrome wheel rims, boats, outdoor furniture, stainless steel, and much more.

However, on really tough jobs, you have to allow Bucko to sit for a while in order to get the scum out. Let’s say that you just moved into a new house, and the previous owner left all the soap scum uncleaned. It’s been a while since anyone lived in the house, so don’t expect that soap scum to come off as easily as fresh filth would.

Clorox Tilex 35604 Commercial Soap Scum Remover

This is another product that seems worthy of its price. According to online reviews, it really does a good job of cleaning the soap scum. You don’t even have to wait or anything. Just spray the formula on the affected area and wipe it off. Tilex dissolves all that filth on contact. 

One of the aspects you will love about this product is that it has a nonabrasive formula. It will get rid of the soap scum without damaging the surface you want clean. I came across products in the past that, along with the filth, they would take off a layer of paint. Well, not paint obviously, but from all the scrubbing the tub would develop some gray areas as if I scratched the paint off. I had to refinish the bathtub afterward. I bet that happened to you at some point. Anyway, that will not happen with Tilex. It only dissolves soap scum, and that’s it.

The surface will end up completely clean. No scum left behind, no yellow trails, just the bright, shiny color of your bathroom. Tilex also disinfects and deodorizes. It has a pleasant fragrance that will give a fresh scent. You won’t even feel the chemicals.

Tilex also kills all the bacteria in a bathroom. It’s an EPA-registered bactericidal that will make your bathroom a safer environment.

DuPont StoneTech Soap Scum Remover

Conventional tile can be cleaned with a variety of solutions, but natural stone requires special care. And let’s face it, removing soap scum off marble or granite is not exactly a walk in the park. The surface is not as smooth as tile, and more scrubbing would be in order.

StoneTech Soap Scum Remover is specially designed to remove stubborn soap scum, chalk stains, and any other kind of dirt that may deposit on sealed natural stone, ceramic, and glass tile. You don’t even have to scrub that much. The surface will be clean and shiny, and the bathroom will smell like flowers on a spring day.

Recommended surfaces include marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, ceramic tile, porcelain, and glass tile. You can clean all those and make them look as new. Moreover, StoneTech from DuPont has a high gloss finishing sealer that will protect and will provide a high-shine finish.

This product has good reviews as well. Looking at those is important. If it worked for other people, I am sure it will work for you as well. It’s not like soap scum is different for other people.

My recommendation

I tried a lot of products in my journey to find the perfect cleaning solution, but after many failures, I found Bucko. It’s indeed one of the best soap scum removers on the market. It cleans easily, and not only soap scum, but grime as well. I can use it on a variety of items, and the price is affordable. That is why Bucko is my personal favorite.


People usually underestimate the significance of a high-quality soap scum remover. It’s just a cleaning solution, right? Wrong. Until you don’t have a problem, you cannot appreciate the solution.

Last Updated on February 14, 2023