Best tie racks

They say that clothes do not make a man, but I tend to disagree. Everywhere you go, you judge a person by his or her clothing. And it is not like you do it voluntarily. Did you know that it takes the brain less than a second to judge someone? Anyway, judging a man by his clothes is not always the best thing to do, but it can at least give you an idea of how that man takes care of himself. It does not matter in all fields of activity, but most of them require well-taken care of people.

I always have a good opinion about a man who takes care of his clothes. It requires organizational skills and discipline. For me, a man who does not have an ironed shirt or a wrinkled tie is a man who does not take of himself, which brings me to the subject of this article: tie racks.

Why a tie rack?

A tie rack is a special hanger where you can put all your ties in an orderly fashion. Some people put their ties in a drawer, which is not bad. However, when you put your tie in a drawer, and if you do not put it properly, it will still get wrinkled. That is why I believe a tie rack is the best way to go. You get to organize your ties according to your preferences, and your ties will never be wrinkled. The way I see it, the best tie rack is a must in a man’s wardrobe.

The benefits of a tie rack

I know that somehow the benefits are self-explanatory, but I believe they are worth mentioning. Also, some people think too little about this aspect, which is why I want to convince you that a tie rack is a good investment.

  • Your ties will never get wrinkled again – think of the situation in which you are late for work, and you put your suit on, only to notice that the tie you wanted and matched your suit is all wrinkled. That would mean you have to take out the iron and lose another few minutes. But if you iron all of your ties and put them on a rack, you will have them ready at all times. A rack will prevent them from getting wrinkled when you do not use them. When you put them in a drawer, even neatly folded, they will still be wrinkled.
  • You can keep up with the ties you wear – for some men, ties are like blouses. You cannot wear the same ties two days in a row. However, if you come up with a system, you will always know what tie you should wear tomorrow or the day after. That way you will never wear a tie multiple times while others sit in your closet for weeks.
  • Your closet will look organized – men who like to have their closet space organized will love a tie rack. All the ties will stay neatly in an orderly fashion, and that will give the whole closet a fancy look. But then again, not all men care that much about how their closet looks like. 

Truth be told, a tie rack is very practical. No matter how you choose to look at that, such a simple thing can really prove to be useful at times. Apart from ties, you can also hang belts. Even women can use a tie rack for their scarves or necklaces.

How to choose the best tie rack

There are countless models on the market. They have different shapes and sizes, but at the end of the day, their use is practically the same. However, not all tie racks are created equal. While there are features that you must choose according to preference, some of them make the difference between a simple tie rack and the best tie rack.

  • Plastic vs. wood – while this may be chosen according to what you like the most, I find that plastic racks are more useful. However, the quality of the plastic matters. Wood is also good, but only if it has a perfect finish. You do not want to destroy a tie just because the rack is splintered, do you? Believe it or not, that actually happens, but with low-quality wood tie racks. A plastic tie rack cannot become splintered, so the chances of destroying a tie are pretty low.
  • Shape – there are several shapes available. Some tie racks keep your ties vertically or horizontally. Also, you can find circular tie racks that will hold your ties in a circle, like a chandelier, and they will not even touch themselves. While this is more of a matter of preference, I think that the space you have in your closet will dictate this aspect. For example, you will be able to hang a vertical or a horizontal tie rack to your closet door, but you cannot do that with a circular tie rack. The latter must be placed on your closet rod.
  • Size – that depends on the number of ties you have. The point is that you can find racks that can hold 8 ties, while others have a capacity of 24 ties. Again, this is up to you.
  • Manual vs. motorized – to be honest, I did not even know that existed. While a simple tie rack is very useful and will help you keep things organized, a motorized tie rack is amazing. Of course, you must have countless ties in order for this type of rack to be indeed useful, but even if you do not, it will still look very cool in your closet. Usually, this type of tie rack comes with LED lights for more visibility. All you have to do is install it on the closet rod and change the batteries once in a while.
  • Price – a tie rack is generally not an expensive item, but some models can be a bit pricey. However, the price depends on the materials used for construction, the complexity of the model, and of course, if the tie rack is motorized or not. As you can expect, the motorized models are twice or three times more valuable than the regular ones. But even so, they are not very expensive.

What are the best tie racks?

While I cannot answer that question for you, I have been searching for the best tie racks I could find. I found a few models, but the ones I liked the most are presented below. They are lovely, and they do not cost much. Enjoy!

IPOW 2 Pack Updated Twirl Tie Rack

You may be wondering why this model is updated. Well, the previous one had a flaw that prevented people from hanging their ties and belt with ease. The size was at fault. However, that has been corrected, and the model is actually pretty nice for the money you get to spend. Even better, you get two tie racks at an amazing price.

The product is made of hard plastic, but at the same time, it is flexible enough so that you will not break it if you accidentally pull harder. The hooks are large enough to hold both ties and belts, but you can use it for scarves or anything else you want as well. It will save a lot of space in your closet, and keeping things organized will be a piece of cake.

The IPOW tie rack comes with a 360º fingertip spinning, which will make the selection very easy. You do not have to remove the rack from your closet entirely in order to pick a tie. Also, the anti-slip feature of every hook will keep the ties in place. Installation is very easy. All you have to do is put the rack on the rod of your closet. It will fit most rods. The tie rack measures 4.85 inches in length, it is 4.85 inches in width, and has a height of 4.5 inches. You can choose the black or the white model.

Hangerworld Premium Wooden Tie Hanger Rack

Unlike the previous model, this tie hanger is made of wood. Only the hanging pieces are made of metal. Truth be told, it looks like an old-fashioned hanger, only much more amazing and with a different purpose. You can use it for your ties, belts, scarves, or even necklaces. It can hold up to 24 ties. To be honest, I find this model very fancy, something a businessman would have in his closet.

This rack is made of premium quality wood. The smooth varnished finish will ensure the integrity of your ties because it will not splinter. Also, the hangers will not bend in any way. The anti-slip feature will make sure that the ties will stay in place. The strong, polished chrome swivel hooks will allow you to position the ties just the way you like. If you have only 12 ties, you can fold the rest of the hangers to save some space. It is a very interesting feature that I have not seen in many tie racks.

The Hangerworld tie rack is very durable with sturdy construction. All materials used for its manufacture are high-quality. If you like, you can match this tie rack with a vast variety of other products from Hangerworld. It is not very expensive, but it will last a very long time.

Primode Motorized Tie Rack with LED Lights

Aside from wooden tie racks and the ones made from plastic, I thought that I should add a motorized tie rack, the deluxe version of all tie racks, which will improve your closet. Not only that it is very useful, but it would look cool in any wardrobe. It can hold up to 72 ties and/or 8 belts. You do not need a power outlet because it runs on 4C batteries, which you are going to have to buy separately.

The Primode tie rack automatically rotates when you push the button. Just to get an idea of how it works, imagine the huge rack you see at the dry cleaners. You know when the person from the front desk pushes a button, and all the clothes start rotating until he or she finds your number. The Primode is just like that, only on a smaller scale. Even so, it is a pretty interesting device. Installation is very simple. All you have to do is remove the rod, insert the Primode on it, and then put the rod back in its place. 

One of the features you are going to like is the LED lights. They provide perfect visibility so that you do not have to install a light inside your closet. Most closets already have one, but an extra light cannot hurt. Apart from being a very interesting organizational tool for yourself, you can buy this item as a gift. It would make a perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend, father, boss, etc. It does not matter the occasion, surely he will enjoy it. 

My recommendation

I have to admit that I use a tie rack, but not for ties. I have a plastic tie rack on which I put my necklaces and bracelets. However, if I needed a rack for ties, I would go with the Primode Motorized Tie Rack with LED Lights. Honestly, I think it is cheap for what it does, and it is one of the best tie-racks I have ever seen. That is why I strongly recommend it.


I think it is amazing that there are all these tools that help you keep your house organized. Tie racks are simple things, but they can accomplish something that proves to be useful for you. So if you decide that you are sick of wrinkled ties, buy one of the tie racks described above. It does not matter which one you choose. I am sure you will be satisfied with whatever you purchase.

Last Updated on January 16, 2023