Upholstery cleaning like a professional

Upholstery is the art of restoring a piece of furniture. It came from the word upholder, so an artisan that fixes furniture. Usually, cleaning upholstery is done by professionals because it requires chemicals and know-how. But you can even clean it by yourself in 15 minutes if you have the time.  4 Tips to clean … Read more

Pool Cleaning Services – Do You Really Need It?

Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaners go to certain holders of pools like hotels, gyms, or apartments to frequently look at the quality of their water. They put more chemicals to balance the water quality against waterborne diseases, maintain the filters and pumping system, and clean the overall surrounding of the pool. With a frequent schedule of their cleaning … Read more

Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Move-out cleaning service

Moving out a checklist is done when you are moving out of your dormitory or apartment, and there are many of the utilities inside to clean first. It is a checklist that allows you to know what are all the needed actions to complete your move out of the action.  Move out checklist Your rent … Read more

Is Roof Cleaning Really Worth It?

Roof cleaning services

Roof cleaning is a necessity for problems like an accumulation of excrement of birds, being a source of shelter for birds and rodents, and for eradicating chemical states caused by the rain, the sunlight, the air, or the molds that are building up that damages the roof on its exterior. It is more essential when … Read more

Gutter Cleaning for Total Noobs!

Gutter cleaning by professionals

A gutter is the half of the tubing found on the sides of your roof. It is designed as a collection system and changes the water direction that is passing on your roof to the spouts. Without your gutters, the rainwater from your roof will just be stuck on your roof edges, or it would … Read more