5 Common Signs of Water Damage

Usually, water damage can appear in the kitchen, bathroom but can also happen in any area of your home where you have a pipe in the wall, floor, or ceiling. The problem is contrary to what some people believe, a busted pipe or water leak is not that easy to detect. You may not even notice it right away.

Some signs of damage are not that visible and go unnoticed by the house owners. They might be hidden beneath your floorboards or behind your walls.

Therefore, you need to be a little familiar with the common signs and issues before it happens. That way, even if some signs are hidden, you’ll instantly know whether your home is at risk of facing damage because of water leaking and be able to contact the insurance firm right away.

Signs of water damage

A sudden increase in your water bill

If your recent water bill suddenly increased even if your water usage remains the same, then it’s possible that there’s a leak somewhere. Just to be sure, monitor your water consumption for one whole month and estimate how much your water company charges for it. If you receive a significantly higher water bill than your estimated amount, then there’s a great chance that water is leaking somewhere.

The leaking water may have accumulated beneath your hardwood floors or within your walls or leaked out into the crawlspace. In that case, inspect your plumbing system and pipes closely. If there is excess moisture surrounding your pipes, then it’s a sign that your home has water damage. Fix this issue right away and check the areas surrounding the faulty pipes for other signs.

Changes in flooring texture

You can also detect damage on your floor by checking for some changes in its texture and color. Such changes may result from the seeping water into the floorboards and the spots beneath them. Among the changes in flooring texture that you have to watch out for are warping, buckling, sinking, sagging, and expansion.

Water accumulation

Another common sign is the buildup of pooling or standing water in some areas. A malfunctioning or old appliance might trigger it, such as a water heater, washer, or toilet. The pool of water might also happen because of a leaking roof. If the pool of water is noticeable outside of your home, then it might be caused by the drainage pipes.

Musty smell = mold

You will most likely notice this smell in the cellar or basement but note that you might also spot this sign in other parts of your home. This smell shows that there is an issue of accumulated moisture, therefore mold. That said, do some further investigation if you notice that a part of your home suddenly produces a musty smell.

Bubbling or peeling paint

This usually happens in walls close to plumbing pipes that travel the wall cavity. It might be a sign that the pipes have leaks. You could also observe stains and discoloration in the area. If the paint on your wall peels or bubble, you need to find the cause right away. If possible, contact a plumber specialized in water damage as they can visit your home and check for moisture issues behind your walls with the help of a thermal imaging camera.

Other signs to watch out is water and moisture accumulated in the carpets, dark grouting visible around the floor tiles, stains in your ceilings that appear like watermarks or rust, some changes in the usual sounds produced by your plumbing system, and the growth of molds in your ceiling or walls.

If your house shows at least one of the mentioned signs, then make it a point to take action immediately. Do not let these issues go unchecked; Otherwise, this might cause costly repairs and restoration in the long run.