Using Flex Tape to patch a pool – Will it work?

One innovative product that appeared a few years ago is Flex Tape. During our Flex Tape review from a long time ago and since then, we found multiple new ways to use it as it’s really versatile.

Some of our readers suggested that Flex Tape can fix leaking pools and that they succeeded with it. Let’s dive into it.

There are a few different types of pools, differing in material and type of construction:

  • Above the ground
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass

The most common ones at this moment are the above-the-ground pools. These types of pools are made from PVC with a metal frame holding them together. The popularity of these types of pools is due to the price, they are the most affordable on the market.

Flex tape for pools?

During our tests, we found that Flex Tape works to fix leaks in pools. But the success of it depends on multiple factors.

The easiest pool types to fix are concrete and fiberglass. To patch the leaking pool, clean the hole area with a cleaning agent and remove any kind of loose parts. Cut Flex Tape to be slightly bigger than the hole and apply it. Be sure to patch the hole fully and Flex Tape to be fully stuck to the pool wall. This way Flex Tape adheres to the pool skimmer and seals completely the leak. Can be used for small cracks, the size of a hairline, or to bigger cracks.

Things get a little more complicated when we try to seal holes in above-the-ground pools. These pools are usually made from PVC and in time can deteriorate from UV. While the PVC is treated to resist UV, in time it fails, and cracks/holes start to appear. The success of the repair is based on how big the hole is. Holes smaller than 1/2 inch can be fixed and the patch will last for a long time but bigger ones may fail.

To fix a PVC pool start by cleaning the area and let it try for a few minutes. Cut 2 pieces of Flex Tape, a little bigger than the hole, and apply it on both sides of the pool. Don’t fill it with water yet and leave it for a short time so the adhesive on the tape cures. Be sure to smooth the tape on both sides and remove any kind of air bubbles.

How long the Flex Tape pool patch will last?

Here is the thing. These kinds of fixes and patches are temporary. Depending on the type of pool you own, there may be better ways of fixing it.

In my opinion, using Flex Tape for sealing a pool’s leak is more of a temporary solution, you should not rely on it for a long time. Flex Seal is more for when you are in a pickle and need a quick fix.


Q: Does Flex Tape react to chlorine?

A: Flex Tape does not react to chlorine, Its chemical composition does not conflict with it and does not deteriorate it.

Q: Can Flex Tape be used on pool skimmers?

A: Yes, it can be used but for this kind of application is better to use an epoxy solution designed for this.

Last Updated on February 1, 2023