How to Clean Up Water Damage After a Pipe Bursts

It can be a nightmare for homeowners when a pipe bursts. It entails not only a big expense but also a heavy cleanup challenge.

What to do after a pipe bursts

1. Look for the source of water damage–when you find where the water damage is, immediately stop the flow of more water from going into your home. More water means a bigger water damage cleanup. If you cannot see the pipe that has burst, switch off your home’s water supply right away.

2. Assess the damage – before you start cleaning up the water damage, you need to have a good idea of how much damage you are dealing with. This will allow you to prepare accordingly or to seek professional help if necessary. If the rugs, carpeting, tiles, ceiling below, and the drywall have been soaked, for instance, you need to call a professional plumber from a water damage company as soon as possible.

Bacteria can start to grow within hours after a pipe burst and this can cause hazardous mold spores. It can be risky for you and your family if you waste time before taking care of the problem.

3. Make sure fresh air is flowing through the area – open your windows and switch on your fans to get the air circulating throughout the house. Doing this would dry the area faster and help lessen possible unpleasant odors later on.

4. Start a dehumidifier – this will remove the moisture from the air. Together with the fans, a dehumidifier will help speed up your clean-up efforts by taking out the water quickly. You have to keep the dehumidifier running until everything is completely dry to prevent mildew and molds from growing.

5. Take photos of the damages – this will help you with your insurance claim. Documentation is important as it will provide proof when you file your claim.

6. Check everything that has been affected by the water damage – go through your papers, photos, books, and mementos and check for damage. Throw anything not valuable that has been damaged. You can put valuables that have been damaged inside a freezer food bag. Place them in your freezer until you can talk to a professional from a water damage company to find out if they can save them.

7. Use a wet/dry vacuum – suck up as much water as you can from the damaged areas. This will be particularly useful for upholstered furniture, carpeted areas, and even wood or tile floors. Keep using the vacuum until you have cleaned up most of the water damage and there is no more water emerging from the vacuum catch basin. You need to be patient as this will take a lot of time and effort or go with a professional cleaner, be sure to check for any promo code and reviews.

8. Keep ventilating the area – do this until everything is dried up. Continue using the dehumidifier as well. Use appropriate cleaning agents on the damaged areas.

A professional plumber from a water damage company can help you with all the steps on how to clean up after a pipe burst. With expert help, you can be more effective and efficient in your water damage repair and restoration.