Mold Remediation: Costs, Companies, and DIY

A mold remediation company offers mold colony removal services to commercial and residential properties. It helps prevent property deterioration and various health concerns.

Having mold in the house

Having mold in your house is a serious problem. It can cause health hazards and damage your residential or commercial property. Because mold sets in and spreads fast, it’s crucial that you address the problem right away – before it gets worse. 

A type of fungus, mold thrives and form a colony once it contacts a damp surface. Mold thrives in wet surfaces and subsists on dust, wood, dander, cardboard, and cellulose. 

Because mold can be airborne, you can experience breathing problems when you inhale it. Mold can also be toxic to people. It can cause neurological damage, and in worse cases, even death.

Unfortunately, a mold infestation can sometimes go unnoticed. This happens when it grows under the carpet, in walls, or in your insulation. You wouldn’t know that there is a danger right inside your home without you knowing it–until disaster strikes!

How to get rid of mold on your own

You can deal with mold without the help of a remediation company if you only have a minor mold infestation. Just remember not to apply any dry brushing when cleaning mold-infested areas, as this may unsettle mold spores and send them airborne. You also need to avoid inhaling the mold.

You can use a mold test kit to find the affected areas and the type of mold. Once you find it, a simple damp-wipe might do the trick. Remove everything as it can spread fast. Get better air circulation into your home to prevent mold from coming back. This will only work for the mold visible on solid surfaces.

If the affected area is a porous surface like drywall or carpet, DIY cleaning may not be possible. Here, you may need to dispose of your carpet or call a professional mold remediation company. 

If you have been dealing with mold on your own, and it just keeps on coming back, then your mold problem may have set in deeply somewhere, and it isn’t visible. A persistent musty smell in the air is also a sign of an unseen mold. It may be the inside wall cavities or under your floorboards. Getting professional mold remediation services can help you find the source, and put an end to your problem.

How a Mold Remediation Company Can Help

Severe mold often results from a seepage, leak, or damaged pipe that causes a moisture buildup. Mold needs moisture to thrive. 

An experienced mold remediation company like Stanley Steemer will begin with an assessment of the damage to your property. They will first pinpoint the moisture source in your home and address it. This will help prevent mold from coming back. 

They will dry up the area, then perform a thorough cleaning to get rid of the mold. This includes moving furniture, peeling away paint, and pulling up floorboards.

They may also use damp wiping, together with different vacuums, chemicals, and detectors. They will make sure that it completely eradicates the mold infestation.

Stanley Steemer offers other services aside from mold remediation. For one, they can help you get rid of items that are no longer usable like pillows and mattresses. They can also help restore or replace items. Emergency services are also available.

How to prevent mold from appearing

While mold removing is important to address your existing mold problem, prevention is always a much better option., it may cost you a lot of money once mold has entered your home. Therefore, avoid having a moisture buildup in your property. 

You can easily do this by making sure your home is always insulated and heated properly. There will always be moisture in the air. There is nothing to worry about if it circulates in your home, then leaves. But, if you have cold windows and walls, moisture will condense. It will turn into water droplets. This can be prevented by heating your home.

It is also important to keep air moving and circulating. Opening your windows and using extractor fans and dehumidifiers can help ventilate your home. Avoid having furniture pushed up against the wall because it might create a place for mold to thrive.

Final Word

Mold is a serious problem and should not be taken for granted. It poses health concerns and it can do significant damage to your home.

If you suspect that there is mold in your home, call Stanley Steemer right away for an appointment. They offer free inspection and insurance help.