The Proper Way to Deal with Raw Backflow

Having sewage backflow in any home is a serious problem that poses major health risks. Professionals urge that raw sewage and toilet backflow cleanup should never be done without hiring a skilled repairman. At the first sign of toilet backflow, it is important to hire a professional cleanup company to do the job properly.

Toilet backflow health risks include contamination and the spread of disease-causing microorganisms. If the leak in the pipes or seepage is not properly addressed, the problem could escalate into major damage to the entire plumbing system. The restoration process can be highly expensive.

Why does sewage backflows

Toilet backflow is commonly caused by damaged pipes, a blockage, or power interruption that cuts off the proper flow of the water supply system.

Pressure in the pipes can cause it to burst or have a leak. When the pressure in the pipes is more than that of the water supply, then back pressure occurs and causes toilet backflow. If there is a vacuum in the water supply system, sometimes caused by a power interruption, then back-siphonage happens and it decreases overall pressure in the pipes.

If the backflow is severe, water could spew out and overflow into the toilet bowl, sink faucets, and even the showerhead. When this happens, it could mean a serious health threat depending on the sewage water contents. The water can contain fecal waste and microorganisms that carry diseases.

Dangers brought about by toilet backflow

Health threats

Getting in contact with sewage water from toilet backflow can be very harmful to one’s health. The septic water can cause and carry diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis, meningitis, E. coil, gastroenteritis and a plethora of other diseases – these are all life-threatening.

Wear protective gloves, clothing, boots, and eye protection before handling the cleanup of backflow. Then, immediately contact a professional cleanup company to do the rest of the disinfecting.

Irreversible damage to the entire plumbing system

Pipes go through the usual wear and tear over the years. That is why, at the first sign of leakage, it is important to have it checked by professionals to prevent the problem from escalating. If the plumbing system is not properly assessed and fixed, damage can get worse and cause an irreversible plumbing system failure.

Cross-contamination of water supply

After a toilet backflow cleanup, it is important to check if the current potable water has not been contaminated. A professional water damage restoration company can help diagnose the source of the backflow and assess if across-contamination has taken place. It is important not to use the water for any household needs unless it is sure to be clean and safe.

Is Sewage Backup Contaminated?

Severe toilet backflow is very dangerous because of the sewage water carries fecal material such as human waste, animal waste, viruses, toxic chemicals, protozoa, and harmful microorganisms. Even sewage water coming from rivers, lakes, and oceans are not safe because it contains microorganisms, pesticides, protozoa, and bacteria. It is a common misconception that if the water backup comes from a natural body of water, then it must be safe. These water sources also go through contaminated pipes and are often the source of toxic spillage from chemical companies.

Any porous material in the house that has come in contact with sewage water should be disposed of immediately. These include carpets, clothing, upholstery, paper, and fabrics. Using bleach and other strong disinfecting agents is not even advisable as it will not eliminate all the harmful elements. It is also important to remove any drywall, wallpaper, insulation, and plasterboards that has possibly soaked up some sewage water as it can cause molds and other health hazards.

The Need to Hire a Professional

When dealing with highly contaminated water, it is important to leave the raw sewage and toilet backflow cleanup to professionals who have the knowledge and protective equipment to handle the situation. Hiring anyone less knowledgeable can do more damage by further spreading the contaminants or, worse, gaining the illness himself. Instead of saving money, health repercussions may even be more expensive.

A team from a professional cleanup company fixes not only the damaged pipes and disinfect the contaminated areas of the house. They can also assess the source of the backflow and prevent further damage to the entire plumbing system.

Don’t go DIY on this plumbing issue just to cut on costs. Hiring professionals from a cleanup and water damage restoration company will prove to be a more prudent investment.