5 Great Stanley Steemer Coupons For Cleaning Services

Stanley Steemer is the most well-known cleaning service in the USA for residential and commercial buildings. They clean dirty floors, tiles and grout junctures using modern cleaning technologies and methods. Anything that can be cleaned, they do it. The main selling point is the Stanley Steemer coupons, which offer clients huge discounts on any cleaning deal.

Whether your pets made a mess on your carpets or you poured coffee on them, there is no better way to clean the mess up but to find a good cleaning service provider that can do it for you. We know the first thing that comes into your mind is DIY cleaning, but it is not recommended if you’ve messed up your carpets, stones, or rugs multiple times.

One great company you can consider is Stanley Steemer—a cleaning company that is well known for its quality services. Stanley has been operating since 1947 and it’s been servicing different homes for more than 70 years now. In terms of experience, this company tops the list. Who wouldn’t want to avail of the services of a cleaning company that has mastered the art of cleaning not only carpets but rugs, floors, and tiles too?

They offer services that include carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, natural stone cleaning, oriental and fine area rug cleaning, hardwood cleaning, air duct cleaning, auto, boat and RV cleaning, and water damage. Imagine the company that can do all these things for you!

While carpet cleaning is one popular service of Stanley, you can still try their other cleaning services because it really gives promise results to clients. With its more than 70 years of experience in cleaning, you wouldn’t want another company that just operated for a year to do the cleaning of your home for you. Avail of the services and never regret choosing this company.

Most of Stanley Steemer’s services use a hot water extraction method. This is the steaming process of the company but doesn’t include a normal steaming. It also uses cleaning solutions that can remove allergens, dirt, and dust easily from your carpets, rugs, and furniture. The solution is safe and EPA approved so that it gives the quality of cleaning you are looking for. Stanley Steemer is very informative when it comes to the process of its cleaning. You can all see the description of its services below or you can just visit its official website as proof.

Stanley offers its services to both residential and corporate clients. If you want them to clean the rooms of your luxurious apartment, you need to choose the residential restoration or cleaning service. You will get free quotes to buy different packs and cleaning kits at various discounts. The residential house cleaning process is innovative, as Stanley doesn’t stick to the conventional recovery process.

Why choose Stanley Steemer Coupons?

See, like Stanley, there are over 1000 cleaners online that help people to have cost-efficient rooms cleaning backup. Frankly, Stanley is always a leader in the home and environment cleaning industry.

Citizens are interested in contacting this cleaning service provider for awe-inspiring environment cleansing. There are many reasons behind the dependence on Stanley. For example, it offers a compact customizable cleaning service at discounts. Well, it is a one-stop portal where you can hire professional cleaners to ensure health management and air filtration scientifically. It stands to reasons that 90% of US citizens trust this company.

They offer the best discounts and promotional codes to cut your monthly room cleaning expenses. The price of professional cleaning is extremely affordable and comfortable, on every product and service, customers have beneficial packs which include 10-35% discounts depending on the time required.

Post – construction cleaning

Whether you need pre and post-construction cleaning, Stanley Steemer is the solution because dirt must not pile up to affect the health of you and your children. Various types of germs, insects, bacteria and chemical components can still be in the house no matter how much meticulous, careful and responsible you are, you still are responsible for the health of those in your house. It is a must keeping the environment free of unwanted elements. Frankly, through proper carpet cleaning and indoor health management, the possibility of the spread of diseases is reduced.

Stanley Steemer’s crew are professional and experienced to bring back the smooth ambiance to rooms wiping out dirt and chemical dross, doing manual rooms/floor carpets/duct air cleaning is time-consuming and hazardous. Floors moping, wall cleaning, and dirt removal should be done step by step. They offer a lot more cleaning services and you can check all of them in the article. On top of that, these services come with awesome offers, like discount rated and coupons and freebies to purchase different packets.

Stanley Steemer Reviews of Services

Stanley Steemer has earned a lot of positive reviews from different homes, and it’s not surprising given the decades of experience of this company. One notable review about them is that it has professional and competent cleaners who inform and orient clients during the cleaning session. The cleaners are friendly to customers. We believe that this adds up to the value of quality services the company can deliver.

A quality service plus competent cleaners are the best you could ever get from a cleaning company. Stanley Steemer also shows on time during appointments. Some clients get pissed off waiting for hours or even days just to get their home cleaned. With Stanley, you don’t have to wait anymore. Another good thing about this company is its own website where you can get all the information you need. You can book appointments online and you can get a pricing quote as well.

Customers post their reviews which mobilize the business promotion of Stanley Steemer’s portal. Even you can write short reviews stating your opinion.

Active Coupons for Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer Coupon Variability

Stanley Steemer Specials are very important to customers. The promo code is always being watched out for, clients always look for ways to save more money while still getting the quality of service they want for their home. If you are a client, you might want the lower rates for Stanley Steemer, too. Fortunately, they are generous in giving coupons, and discounts. You can visit the nearest branch to you so you could ask for an estimation of the price in case you want more than one cleaning service and bring the Stanley Steemer Coupon with you. Depending on how many cleaning services you require, the more discount codes you can get from Stanley Steemer.

Stanley Steemer also gives printable coupons and you will usually find them on the official website of the company. However, be aware of what services they include because each coupon is unique and most of the time, there are only two or three cleaning services included. If you are wondering which service is included in your coupons and what the services are all about, here’s a detailed description for you.

Stanley Steemer $99 Special For Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is the top service of this company. In fact, Stanley Steemer utilizes a proprietary hot water extraction as its carpet cleaning method. This process is often called the “steam carpet cleaning” although it doesn’t really use a steaming method during the procedure. It guarantees to remove about 94% of house allergens in your home as it uses an EPA Safer Choice product for its cleaning solution.

Stanley Steemer promises to leave your home healthier and cleaner not just for your pets but for your whole family. If you are looking for a professional to spot the stain on your carpet and remove the odor, this is the best choice you could ever get. The cleaning procedure of Stanley’s hot water extraction includes removing dirt, allergens, and other stains from the carpet and fast drying time that would only take a few hours, unlike other companies that guarantee days of drying time.

Instead of using shampoo to cleanse the carpets of your rooms, cleaners like to extract hot water to flush out all dirt and particles clogged in extreme zones of your rooms. They throw hot water and then clean the entire carpet. Therefore, there will remain no residue piling or debris accumulation inside the room. The large size carpet will be clean of thick layers of allergens, dandruff and hair strands. Spraying clean hot water on a carpet is eco-friendly, and it poses no threat to pets or children. Before starting the carpet clear-up process, workers are responsible to talk to homeowners or clients, only and only after they complete the pre-inspection they will start the cleaning process. With sophisticated vacuums and steamers, they will remove any dirt and stains from your rooms.

The cleaning process of Stanley also protects in a way that it extends the composition of your carpet, it increases the durability of the carpet, and it becomes a must-have service for your pets and kids. Last but not least, the carpet cleaning process of Stanley deodorizes as it neutralizes the odors from people and pets at your home, removes odor, and gives a fresh start to your carpets. Other services will be discussed further in the latter part of this article. Be sure your coupon is valid before applying online, in some cases, it might expire.

With the $99 Special, you can get the carpets and rugs in 3 rooms cleaned for $99.

Stanley Steemer Coupons for Tile and Grout Cleaning Coupon

Besides carpet cleaning, Stanley Steemer Coupon for tile and grout cleaning is also one of the specialties of Stanley Steemer. This service cleans your tile floors when it’s messy and impossible to clean. Some tiles look like that at home especially if the homeowner doesn’t care about the floor and just sweep and mop until it looks clean.

This service is professional, and it guarantees to remove dirt, spills, grime, and discolor, which a regular mopping cannot do. They use the same method for this one—hot water extraction to remove up to 96.5% allergens from the tiles and grout. The cleaning process includes a free tile cleaning demonstration so you would understand how vital it is to get your own professional cleaner and of course, a cleaner and healthier flooring. As part of the sealing, the company puts a finishing coat to your grout lines using Stanley’s clear grout sealant. The sealant acts as a protective barrier as it absorbs spills and soil. The sealant also restores the color of your grout or change the color completely for a fresh start.

Stanley Steemer Coupon for Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Coupons

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning is a must when your home is fully equipped. You will only see how important it is until your sofa gets really messy and your furniture looks too bad not to clean. Good thing Stanley Steemer can also do this service. Whatever is trapped in your furniture—dust, allergens, or dirt, it could wear out your furniture. Not only that, your kids and pets can also inhale the dust and dirt in the corners of your furniture. Which is why it is important to get a professional cleaner to get all of those removed for you.

Stanley’s upholstery cleaning process also uses hot water extraction or its own steaming process. Guess the branding of this company is in the hot water extraction! The company has a tailored approach when it comes to upholstery and furniture cleaning because you wouldn’t want somebody to damage your things at home.

The cleaning process removes the dirt and allergens and dries them within hours. No need to wait for days to use your sofa and furniture again because of this Stanley’s service. In this service, Stanley cleans the following fabrics: microfiber, polyester, cotton, wool, linen, and leather.

Having an area rug at home is one thing that homeowners prefer. Using vacuums to clean your area rugs will not completely remove all the stains, dust, dirt, and allergens. What you need to do is to hire a professional cleaner that’s best in area rug cleaning and that’s what they do best. The hot water extraction or Stanley’s own steaming process is guaranteed safe, clean, and secure for your family and pets. Aside from this method, the company also gives a free demonstration of the cleaning process and a careful inspection of your rugs in case there are pulls, tears, and reaps that need to be taken care of.

What this service does to your rugs is to extend its life and increase its durability so that you would have a must-have rug for your kids and pets. The company also uses a deodorizer that neutralizes the odors that came from pets and kids, removes odors, and gives your home a fresh start. For maintenance, this service is a must-have because the cleaner your area rugs are, the cleaner the air. Stanley Steemer also offers a professional carpet and upholstery spot remover in case you want something to grab at home when your rugs get stained. Do the maintenance as Stanley does the cleaning.

Before starting to clean the upholstery, they inspect the condition of the furniture pieces for safety reasons. These technicians double-check the fabric and its color combination to be sure that the cleaning doesn’t bring harm to the color of the furniture covers. Experienced technicians have the meticulous observation and analytical skill to cross-check the age of the furniture. They handle any dark spot, spill, and stains. The deep cleaning process will restore home décor upholstery accessories, within hours all your furniture will be dried and better looking.

Stanley Steemer Natural Stone Cleaning Coupon

Natural Stone Cleaning is another service you would want to avail when you natural stones at home. Natural stones are not just regular tiles. They require a different cleaning method so that they can be cleaned properly. Mopping them won’t do any good because these stones are porous, meaning, they can easily absorb spills and stains. Professional cleaning is still the best idea to restore the natural beauty and cleanliness of your home. Stanley Steemer knows that there is not one single method to do natural stone cleaning.

Even hot water extraction cannot do it correctly. Because of that, Stanley Steemer accepts customize cleaning methods for your natural stones. Suggest what you want to do with your stones at home and will happily advise some procedures to do the cleaning process. There are different types of stones that they clean including travertine, marble, limestone, slate, granite, flagstone, concrete, terrazzo, and saltillo. The cleaning and polish procedure is done by scrubbing the grout lines of your stone with a pre-spray used by the company. The company then extracts the grime and dirt from your natural stones with a high-pressure rotary wand. Buffer pads are used to polish the stones so as to remove the light scratches and etching.

Stanley Steemer Hardwood Cleaning Coupons

There are still homes that use hardwood floor and we cannot blame homeowners who prefer this type of flooring because of the perfect ambiance it could give. Your coupons can include hardwood floor cleaning too. Even with sweeping and mopping, it is not guaranteed that you can remove all the dirt, stains, and dust from your hardwood floor. Professional cleaning is still a better alternative. Stanley Steemer utilizes a USA-manufactured hardwood floor auto scrubber to clean hardwoods. It also uses a 4-jet gecko to support the cleaning.

See, even with hardwood cleaning, the company uses unique tools to deliver the best quality of services to you. Its cleaners are trained so to keep your floor clean, shiny, and new. This cleaning service provider is very attention to detail when it comes to hardwood cleaning. It trains its technicians so you would never have to worry about the condition of your floor. It also sells a hardwood cleaner perfect to clean your hardwood floor. You can buy this solution for maintenance after Stanley cleans your floor.

Trying to conventionally clean hardwood by yourself could do damage to the floor, instead, hire professional hands that have experience cleaning hardwood floors. Within an hour, after completing, the room will have a natural glow and smell clean and the durability of the hardwood floor will increase.

Stanley Steemer Water Damage Coupons

During an emergency, we call Stanley’s team to tackle the dirty water which is gathered in the basement of the house. The overflow of sewage water flooded the basement and there is no way to get it outside. Therefore, it becomes unhygienic, dirty, and dangerous. Contaminated water must be shifted to other destinations like nearby ponds. Stanley’s water restoration program supplies water damage tools to the location to the rescue of homeowners from the imminent damage to their real estate properties.

How to use the coupons from Stanley Steemer

To use the coupons, customers need to register with their email addresses. Visit the site, open an account and fill-up the form to apply the special codes which are mixed with letters and numerical figures. You can apply multiple codes offered, but they must be for different services. Mention the codes and categories in the selected box. Press the Submit button. Here, you need to re-do the same process once again to have different coupons applied to your account.

If you think, having multiple coupons allows you to share them with family or friends. Submit your extra codes or coupons to online subscribers who will use your extra coupons. In this way, you will get appreciation from neighbors online. Your codes will be reused and sent to different persons who will buy the products at discounts.

Merchandise by Stanley Steemer

  • Pet-Mess Solution Kit – Pet Mess Solution in a 32 oz bottle to remove the dark or stained spots off the floor. Besides you will get 1 odor out plus chemical components absorbent towel with Gonzo Brand Pet Hair Lifter. Market Price @ $30
  • SPOT REMOVER for effective spills and spots cleansing @ $15.95
  • HARDWOOD FLOOR CLEANER for hardwood floor shining and superb floor lamination – $17.95-1
  • RED WINE REMOVER – used for wine removal without damaging carpet @ $12.95 per Quantity
  • ODOR OUT PLUS for wiping out odor using natural anti-bacterial enzymes @ $17.95 per quantity
  • NEUTRAL TILE & GROUT CLEANER – meant for removing dirt and invisible dust from the grout tiles. The floor must gain transparency and luster @ $15.95
  • GONZO BRAND PET HAIR LIFTER – pet hair removal from the upholstery and carpet @ $5.95
  • DOORMAT – non-skid mat for protecting carpet from dirt @ $29.95
  • GRANDI GROOM – the special groom with strong bristles to collect loose tracked-in dust particles from the carpet @ $31.95
  • GRANDI BRUSH – ergonomic brush for low–pile dust collection. It gives a new look to the floor @ $31.95
  • LOW-PILE COMB- ultra-light comb for low pile carpet cleansing and extracting loose pet hair strands for the restoration of the natural glow of the carpet @ $31.95

Submitting Insurance Help

Stanley representatives will submit necessary pictures and documents to your insurance agents. It is way easier for homeowners to receive compensation from insurance firms. The report will include all the items that were damaged due to the water flooding the room. Helping with the insurance claim process is attractive as it confuses many new customers on how to move with application to their insurers for claims.


It’s always relieving to have your home cleaned by someone professional. Stanley Steemer is a blessing to many homeowners around the world because of its world-class cleaning services. If you need somebody to help you with your home improvement ideas, you can consult from this company anytime, especially if it involves cleaning your carpets, rugs, and flooring. We recommend that you avoid DIY cleaning if the stains and dirt are too much to get cleaned by a single hand. There is always a group of professional cleaners ready to rescue you in a time like this.