TightVac Review: A Must-Have for Any Kitchen

When you take a look inside any household’s cabinets, chances are that you are going to see a lot of containers. We use those mostly for storage, and we are taught that keeping food in containers will help it stay fresh for longer. I cannot argue with that since it is entirely true. Most foods are better kept in plastic or glass containers. However, for some categories of food, the best possible solution is a Tightvac.

What is a Tightvac?

If you have never heard of it before, a Tightvac is a vacuum-sealed storage container that has the capability of maintaining your food fresh three times longer than your regular plastic or glass containers. The Tighvac system is patented, and the manufacturer guarantees that your food will not go stale as soon as with other types of containers. The good thing about it is that lots of people bought it and seem more than satisfied with it. I just wanted to see what is all the fuss about, which is why I tried one of the available Tightvacs just to put it to the test.

How does Tightvac work?

When you think of vacuum-sealed containers, you probably think of something complicated. We all know how vacuum-sealed bags work, for example, and you need to get all the air out with a vacuum cleaner (for larger bags,) or a special device that sucks the air out of bags meant for foods. I thought that the Tightvac works on the same principle, and I had no idea why would someone put a patent on something that has been around for quite some time now.

The truth is that  Tightvac uses another sealing mechanism. I was very curious to learn what that was, so I did my homework. The sealing mechanism is quite straightforward. The Tightvac’s lid has some sort of button on the side. To engage the sealing mechanisms, you need to push that button while you put the lid on. As you do that, you will hear the hissing that lets you know that air is out of the container.

As you can probably tell, the Tightvac does not provide fully-vacuum storage space. I mean, most of the air will indeed come out when you put the lid on, but the container will be only partially vacuum-sealed. Even so, it is still something, and the fact that you do not have to use a vacuum device to suck all the air out is a huge selling point. If you want to put that theory to the test, all you need to do is fill the Tightvac with whatever you want, put the lid on, and then lift the entire container holding it by the top part only. As you will notice, the container will not become undone, but the lid will stay on as if the lack of air is holding the two pieces together. Which, in fact, happens.

Tightvac Review: Features and Benefits

Tightvac had known quite the popularity when it first came out, and the manufacturer ended up selling the product all over the world. It gained tremendous success, and now, a few years later, the container is still used by many people worldwide. If you analyze the benefits, you can easily see why that is.

The food indeed stays fresh for longer

A lot of foods go stale because they react with the oxygen that surrounds them. The Tightvac manages to expel as much air from the container as possible, and as a result, the food does not become spoiled as fast as it would in a regular container. If you think about it, it is a simple principle, but applied correctly, it can make a difference for your food. If you want to test that theory, you can put two pieces of cheese in the refrigerator. Put one on a plate and one in a plastic or glass container. You will see that the one that you left out will go stale faster. Now imagine a container that is three times better than the container you already have.

Tightvac is easy to use

Instead of having to deal with several devices that are designed to remove the air from inside a bag or a container, you use the mechanism that Tightvac has on its lid. You simply push the button, place the lid on top of the bottom part, and the air will come out on its own. As far as vacuum sealing is concerned, it cannot get any easier than this.

You will notice an improvement in your pocket

Unfortunately, we throw out a lot of food. More than we should. That is because we buy large quantities, and until we get to consume it, it goes bad in the fridge or pantry. That would not happen if you used Tightvac. Since the food stays fresh for longer, you will not throw so much money into food as before. And that is to just throw it away in a few days. It is a pity. It is just like throwing money in the trash can.

Tightvac can accommodate everything you can think of

Tightvac is an incredibly versatile container. You can store pretty much everything that crosses your mind in it. Whether it is fresh food or coffee and spices, Tightvac will do its job in the best possible manner. Your spices will always have that intense smell, and your coffee will not lose flavor. That applies to everything you decide to put inside a Tightvac vacuum-sealed container. However, there are a few exceptions. It seems that some fruit and vegetables will not do well in a Tightvac. It is not about the Tightvac itself, but the vacuum-sealed environment. For example, strawberries will develop fungi in such an environment, and broccoli becomes darker. The point is that while Tightvac is the best for most foods, some produce is damaged within a vacuum-sealed container.

There is one for almost everything

Tightvac comes in a wide variety of sizes so you can choose one or multiple depending on what you want to store in them. If you are going to store cereal, you can go for the 12-ounce Tightvac. If you need one for your vitamins, there is a 1.4-ounce Minivac Eko available. The thing you need to remember here is that no matter what you want to store in a vacuum-sealed environment, Tightvac has the right container designed specifically for your needs.

What you can store in a Tightvac

Many people wonder what exactly they can use Tightvac for. It is a good question, but it seems that the versatility of this product cannot be stressed enough. It is true that you can store almost anything in a Tightvac container, except for some fruit and vegetables. Here is what you can put in a Tightvac:

  • Food – when it comes to food, Tightvac comes in a broad variety of sizes. You can choose anything from the 0.7-ounce Vitavac to the 5-pound Breadvac. Between the two sizes, there are six other available sizes so that you have where to choose from. There is one for everyone.
  • Spices – do you know that smell you feel just right after you open a bag of fresh spices? Everyone does, and it smells amazing. However, after a while, the scent fades away little by little until there is no scent anymore. That does not happen if you choose to store your spices in a Tightvac. For spices, Tightvac comes with containers from 0.7 ounces to 6 ounces.
  • Coffee – just like with spices, the coffee loses smell and flavor if you keep it in a paper bag or a jar without a lid (the most commonly used storage solution). Tightvac brings 12 Coffeevacs that you can use. As for their capacity, they start at 1.4 ounces, and they reach 5 pounds. The latter is more suitable for restaurants and coffee places, but you get the point. You will get to enjoy that fresh smell of coffee every day until you finish it.
  • Tea – Tightvac produces Teavacs as well. It is the same thing as coffee. The tea will maintain its freshness for longer, and the flavors will not escape the container. They will all find their way into your cup. As for sizes, Teavacs vary from 1.4 ounces to 5 pounds, just like Coffeevacs.
  • Pet food – there are few pet food manufacturers that think of making re-sealable bags. I usually went for clamps to re-seal the bags, but it is not the same. Tightvac has a solution for that as well. The Pawvac is available in 6 sizes, from 3 ounces to 5 pounds. The 3-ounce Pawvac is ideal for keeping your pet’s vitamins, and the 6-ounce is perfect for treats.

My personal experience with Tightvac

Since the products from Tightvac gained so much popularity over the years, I thought that it would be best to try some of them. The truth is that they are not very expensive, and you could buy just one for starters. Just to see how it works and if it is any good.

I have to admit that I had and still have a positive experience with Tightvac. My first purchase was a 12-ounce Coffeevac a 5-pound Pawvac. I have a medium-sized dog, and I thought to try one of the Tightvacs on her food. 

The thing with dog food is that it is covered in some kind of oily substance that is meant to make the food taste fresh. When you start a new bag, and you do not seal it back, in time, that oil becomes dry. That was my primary concern, I wanted to see if the dog food loses that oil in the Pawvac I bought. Believe it or not, it did not. 5 pounds is about 10 servings for my dog, and the whole time the Pawvac contained the food, the oil stayed on it. I was delighted with that. Now, I just take out 5 pounds at a time, and the big bag gets sealed. The food is fresh, my dog is happy, and Pawvac does the job it was designed for. When I saw the results, I bought one other Pawvac, but this time it was a 6-ounce container. I use it for my dog’s treats. 

As for the Coffeevac, the results were the same. I drink a lot of coffee, and naturally, I like my coffee fresh just like anybody else. I have to admit that the Coffeevac maintained its flavor. Do you know that smell that you get when you rip the vacuum-sealed coffee bag for the first time? That is the exact smell you get every time you open the Coffeevac. As for the taste, I cannot really tell. That may be because I drink my coffee with a lot of sugar and coffee creamer so I could not tell you for sure if the Coffeevac has an effect on the taste or not. To be honest, for me it tastes the same. But then again, that is just me.


Overall, I had a positive experience with the products from Tightvac America, Inc. their products actually do what it says on the label, and I am only saying that because I tried a few Tightvacs. The price is affordable, and even if they were a bit more expensive than that, I can honestly say that I would still buy them. That is because the food in my fridge is now more fresh thanks to a Tightvac, my coffee smells nice every time I brew a pot, and my dog’s food keeps it fresh until I run out. I strongly recommend this product to anyone wondering if it is of any good. I can guarantee that you will be at least just as satisfied as I was and am. Tightvac is something you want in your house.

Last Updated on January 19, 2023