Upholstery cleaning like a professional

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Upholstery is the art of restoring a piece of furniture. It came from the word upholder, so an artisan that fixes furniture. Usually, cleaning upholstery is done by professionals because it requires chemicals and know-how. But you can even clean it by yourself in 15 minutes if you have the time. 

4 Tips to clean the upholstery like a pro

Vacuum the upholstery for 5 minutes

With the help of the vacuum upholstery addon, you can vacuum it from the left direction and in the right direction with overlapping strokes. You should start from the uppermost part of the furniture and then work your way to the lowest part of it. Take note that your vacuum should be at a low level if you are using it on fragile fabrics like linen or silk.

The left and right directions of strokes are essential in nappy materials that accumulate more dirt such as corduroy, suede, chenille, and velvet. Press the nozzle of the crevice and position your vacuum below your cushion and its seams. If you know that there are coins that you might suck with the vacuum, put a piece of used cloth, and secure it with a rubber band. After that, you can use a can with suppressed air to remove the dirt from tuft and the nook of your buttons. 

Remove stains from the upholstery in 5 minutes.

Focus on the stains if the upholstery is made of jacquard, linen, polyester to acrylic, and cotton blends with pre-mist of capture release soil sprayer. You can first test it in a spot away from the fabric. After that, put a pinch of carpet cleaner and dry cleaner for rugs to remove the stain. Next, rub the powder on the fabric gently with a used and clean cloth, then turn on your vacuum.

You can keep repeating it if you are not yet satisfied with the results. If the stain is not yet removed after repeating the same steps for two times, do not do it anymore for the third time because you might cause damage to the cloth. You should call an expert to remove the stain.

Leather, vinyl stains, linen or chenille upholstery

For leather or vinyl stains, sprinkle Pledge on a clean towel and rub it gently in the spot. Wipe smoothly to ensure that there will be no residues left. Never use cleaners that have an ingredient or chemical with silicone because they shut off the surface spots, which will probably cause leather or vinyl to crack. 

Wash in soapy water for 5 minutes

You should cover the upholstery in soapy water for five minutes. Put half of a teaspoon of transparent dish liquid in one small pail. Pour some warm water in the small pail to build a few suds. Use the soft upholstery brush only on the suds and be sure you are not submerging it. Sweep it to the cloth in small areas with a gentle and soft touch.

Soak the fabric with the suds. After washing the whole upholstery, wipe it with a clean, and wet cloth. Wait for the upholstery to fully dry before you can use it. If you want to wash both sides of the sofa, do it tomorrow to allow the fabric to completely dry. This last step is for upholsteries with W or WS labels. 

You can find the label on the bottom of the sofa or the side of the furniture. If there is an S label, you can safely sucker vacuum it and clean the spot with step two, but not the last step of soaking it with suds. S labeled upholstery is not good with water. If they label your upholstery with an X, it means that you can perform the sucker vacuum or the first part only. So that answers your question if upholstery is difficult to clean or not. But it is strongly not advisable to clean it on your own. 

How to clean your sofa

Differences between upholstery cleaning service and DIY

You should hire a professional to clean it for you with their full expertise on the job. You should never put yourself on the line of cleaning it on your own because you can get the bacteria that has accumulated with the cloth and cause you grave diseases. The fabric of an upholstery might also cause side effects to your respiratory system because some furniture is made with cotton which is one of the common allergens to children and people with asthma, especially the thick dirt accumulated in it throughout time.

Also, with the use of very hazardous cleaning chemicals, you might damage your lungs or suffocate you to death if you do not fully know what side effects they have. You might end up destroying your upholstery by just cleaning it by yourself without having the expertise of a professional cleaner.

Professional upholstery cleaner is worth the extra cost.

If you have a pet in your house, it has a high probability that your upholstery fabrics have absorbed their fur and many bacteria, viruses, and microscopic pests. Therefore, you should not do it on your own because you might infect yourself with that bacteria or virus and eventually have a disease that might also infect your children.

Hire an expert to clean your upholstery because they know all the basics and difficulties of the job and they have been doing it for all of their lives. You can never go wrong with the professional hands, and it can be even cheap if you use some sort of special discount. They will clean all of your upholsteries not only on the surfaces. They will make your life easier and will create an environment where you and your family can enjoy once more when they remove certain stains from the upholstery. 

Always ensure the safety of yourself and your family to the hands of the professionals because they know what they are doing and they have been to all the worst sides of it.