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The idea behind using the Stanley Steemer specials is to save some money on the cleaning invoice. This, in essence, is great for customers, but sometimes the specials are a little bit misleading and can cause confusion. That’s why you need to know what services are included in the Stanley Steemer $99 Special.

Currently, there are over 12 specials available, each with conditions that you need to know. Without using the proper promo code, you’ll end up paying the full price of the service. Nobody wants that.

What’s included in the $99 Stanley Steemer Special?

Currently, there is a $99 Special advertised on all channels like Facebook, tv, and so on. This is the general special, where you can get one type of service for $99 only. The difference between this special and the $99 coupons is that there are more conditions. 

Let’s start breaking the specials in the area of service.

The fine print on the 3 Rooms for $99 printable special states that you’ll get the carpets cleaned in 3 rooms cleaned for only $99. The truth is that it only refers to carpet cleaning. Typically, you would think that no matter how many sq ft your rooms have, you would get the carpets cleaned for just $99. 

The truth is that the maximum area is just 300 sq ft. If your rooms are bigger, then you end up paying more for the service that exceeds the area. Even the room type is defined on this special, and you can not clean any room. If you want to clean the carpets on baths, halls, staircases, and area rugs, then you should know that those are priced separately and are not included. 

This special is very ambiguous, and you don’t really know what kind of carpet or room will be included in the special. The only way of knowing is to contact the local franchise and let them give you an estimate. But even that does not guarantee that your rooms are included. 

This $99 special can only be used at the time of service. That means that it can only be used when the guys from Stanley Steemer come to clean the carpets. Not before. The lack of clarity on the terms and conditions let the local franchises dictate what will be included and whatnot. While in other cities the same rooms and carpets may be included, in your area they might not.

Another frustrating thing is that not all franchises uphold this promo code. Stanley Steemer lets the franchises decide if they want to enforce the special or not.

Keep in mind that this Stanley Steemer – 3 Rooms for $99 can not be used as a combo with any other coupon or discount. If you add additional services or coupons, you’ll end up paying more. Each customer can use only one special code, so be sure to select the correct one.

The confusion is even more significant when it comes to the $159 for 5 Rooms special. One would expect to be a more substantial area serviced, but actually, no. The same area is serviced, 300sq ft. The conditions are exactly the same as those for the 3 Rooms for $99, only the price and the number of rooms increase. One might ask himself how it is possible to use this special for five rooms and not include hallways, and baths, and only be restricted to area carpets. 

Stanley Steemer Specials – Conclusion

Specials are a great way to save some money, no matter if it is for buying groceries or cleaning your house. Paying less to get your carpets cleaned sounds like a great idea, but sometimes it can lead to more confusion. 

It is essential to call your local Stanley Steemer and give them all the details and get an estimate. While the invoice could be a little bigger in the end, it’s better to know upfront how much you could pay. 

Steps to take before deciding to use the $99 Stanley Steemer special:

  1. Call the local Stanley Steemer phone number
  2. Tell them all about what you need to be done
  3. Mention the special
  4. Wait for the local team to come and give you an estimate
  5. Check that the special is discounted

While Stanley Steemer is a little bit misleading with this special they are a great carpet cleaning business. The local teams are friendly and they do a great job. In the end, you’ll appreciate the services offered. 

Last Updated on February 8, 2023